The Web of Life Sabino Canyon  
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What can you learn from studying an animal's skull? Where are the eyes placed? How long is the nose or muzzle? What kinds of teeth did the animal use to chew and/or hunt for its food? Is the brain cavity large or small?

Music Icon Sing along with the Fields Family Singers and learn from the lyrics of "The Skull Song."

These are the skulls of four mammals that live in Sabino Canyon. (No animals were harmed in order for us to study these skulls.) What can you predict from looking at these skulls?


This is how the skulls that are used in the Web of Life Kit were prepared:

  1. The skulls are from animals that were roadkill.
  2. They were buried in ground for three months so that bugs and ants could eat the meat from the bones.
  3. The skulls were then boiled and cleaned with a mild Clorox or hydrogen peroxide mixture.
  4. The teeth were glued in and then the skulls were sprayed with skull varnish.


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