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This WebQuest has been created to help you use what you have learned from this Web site and/or from your field trip to Sabino Canyon. You will form an opinion based on your knowledge on an issue related to Sabino Canyon and its *ecology.* Hopefully the problem given in the introduction to this WebQuest will never happen for Sabino Canyon or any other national forest, but similar issues are being decided every day by local, state, and federal governments in the United States and around the world.

In fact, there is currently a bill under consideration in Washington to repeal the 1964 Wildnerness Act and open public lands for development. Former Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt has spoken out against this bill. Legislation such as this shows that it isn't always easy to balance the needs of people and preserve the environment at the same time.

For the information found on this Web site to be valuable to you, it must increase your knowledge and understanding of the world. Knowledge is important to motivate people to take action to help build the kind of world in which they want to live. Although you are not old enough to vote or run for political office, you can learn to express your opinions and share your opinions with decision-makers.

The information found on this site and the information found on the links to sites found in the WebQuest Resources Page were selected to help you build knowledge and understanding. What will you do with what you learned?

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The conclusion of this learning experience is important. It may help you answer the question: What will you do with your knowledge and understanding? Remember: you may need permission and most certainly the support of your teacher, librarian, parent, and/or the community to take action.

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last updated: 10 July 2012


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