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Music IconThe Skull Song
to the tune of "Mary Had a Little Lamb"

lyrics by Karen Fields and Judi Moreillon
with inspiration from Tosh Lawrence

Carnivores need grabbing teeth,
Tearing teeth, shearing teeth.
Carnivores have eyes in front.
To get food, they must hunt.

Herbivores need nipping teeth,
Nipping teeth and grinding teeth.
Herbivores look to the side.
To live long they must hide.

With tearing teeth and grabbing teeth,
Nipping teeth and grinding teeth,
Omnivores have different teeth
To eat all kinds of food.

Predators have longer snouts
to sniff about with longer snouts.
Predators rely on scent
To find where their dinner went.

Predators need bigger brains
Crafty brains, wily brains.
Predators need brains to hunt,
Or else they'll miss their lunch.

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Sing along with the Fields Family Singers: Stephanie, Tianna, and Celeste. Mom Karen provides the accompaniment.


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