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Bobcat Skull

Photograph of a bobcat skull

The bobcat skull is about 5 inches (12.5 cm) from front to back.

Notice the large canine teeth and the sharp premolars for shearing meat.

This carnivore's jaw is tightly attached and it has up and down movement only.

The bobcat's eyes face forward. That is called "binocular" or "stereoscopic vision". This allows the bobcat good depth perception so it can tell how far away its *prey* is. Hunters like bobcats and owls need good depth perception. Notice also that its eye sockets are large. Why is that? When does the bobcat hunt?

Relative to the total size of its skull, do you think its brain cavity is large? How could you find out for certain?

To learn more about the bobcat, visit the Bobcat Quick Facts.


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