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Do you how how the bobcat got its name? Look up *bobbed* in the Sabino Canyon Web Site glossary. What does it mean?

Photograph of bobcat kitten
Bobcat Kitten photo by Judi Moreillon

Bobcat Quick Facts:

Color: light brown fur with black markings, white belly
Length: 2 to 3 feet long plus 5 to 7 inch tail
Weight: 10 to 40 pounds
Description: looks like a very large house cat, tuffs of hair on its ears and ear spots that can make the head appear larger
Young: usually 2 to 4, up to six, called "kittens"
Food: *carnivore* that eats rodents (like pack rats and ground squirrels), rabbits, birds

coyotes and mountain lions: prey on kittens
humans: destroy habitat, hunt them for their fur

Home: called a lair or a den, often a hole in the hillside
Active: nocturnal

Even More Interesting Facts:

Sounds: purrs like a cat when happy, screams when frightened
Defense: uses sharp teeth and claws, when fighting can make its claws twice as large as normal
Care of Young: taught hunting skills by mother


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