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Ecology WebQuest - Task

In order to take action and let your voice be heard by the appropriate decision-makers, you will have to become an expert on one particular topic of ecology and on Sabino Canyon ecology in general. To build your knowledge you will:
  1. Research your topic thoroughly.
  2. Keep a research log or notebook and/or note cards of your findings. (Remember to record where you get your information so you can quote the experts and/or review that information if you need to do so.)
  3. Your resources will include the Sabino Canyon: The Web of Life Web site, the Internet resources linked from the Ecology WebQuest Resource Page, the books, CD-ROMs, and other materials available in your school or public library and your classroom.
  4. In addition, you may want to contact experts in the field of ecology, employees of the Forest Service, Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists, and others. You may want to ask them for their perspective on this issue. (Remember to give them credit for their ideas by recording their names and the date along with their ideas.)

This grid will help your group focus on a specific aspect of ecology and on an audience for your work. Limit your topic to one of these ecology topics: water, land use, plants, and animals. The audience you select will make a difference in the way you will choose to present your findings and your opinions.

Audience - Topic Animals Land Use Plants Water
Congressional Representative Ron Barber        
United States Senator Jon Kyl        
United States Senator John McCain        
Readers of The Arizona Daily Star (newspaper)        
Readers of The Tucson Weekly (newspaper)        
Friends of Sabino Canyon        
Students in Your School        

Your presentation format will vary according to your topic, your audience, and your resources. These are some possible presentation formats: a letter to a government official or to the editor of the newspaper, a HyperStudio stack or PowerPoint report presentation to share with one of the audiences, a Web 2.0 tool presentation, a Web page, speech, story, or poem.

Regardless of which format you choose, your presentation must include both visuals and printt. Think about your audience. These are some possible choices for graphics or visuals: drawings, posters, photographs, dioramas, graphs, and charts.

Your presentation of learning will show:

what you have learned about Sabino Canyon;
what you have learned about your particular topic (animals, land use, plants, or water);
the importance of your topic to Sabino Canyon ecology;
and your recommendation to decision-makers for the future of Sabino Canyon.

What is the process you will use to complete your task?

Last updated: 10 July 2012

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