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Ecology WebQuest - Introduction

Imagine it is the year 2020. The United States population is aging. There are many people reaching retirement age who are no longer working and paying as much money in taxes. Therefore, the government has less money to spend because it is taking in less money in taxes.

In order to cut federal expenses, a bill has been introduced in the House of Representatives to turn over the ownership and management of sixteen national forests to the states in which they are located. The Coronado National Forest where Sabino Canyon is located is one of the forests being considered; it would be given to the state of Arizona.

If this bill passes the House and is then passed by the Senate and signed by the President, the ten states in which the sixteen forests are located could decide to maintain their forests as state parks or recreation areas, or they could sell the land to individuals and/or corporations to use the land in any way they choose that complies with the local government's zoning (land use) laws.

Using lawmakers who are serving today, Congressman Ron Barber would be the person who will speak for Sabino Canyon in the United States House of Representatives, Senators Jon Kyl and John McCain would represent your interests in the United States Senate, The Friends of Sabino Canyon would be a concerned and involved citizens group, the local newspapers print letters that express readers' opinions, and you and your classmatesl could become an active force in influencing the decision-makers who will decide the future of Sabino Canyon.

What is your task?

Last updated: 10 July 2012

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