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The Interesting Saguaros Page
These are just some of the interesting shapes of the saguaros in Sabino Canyon. Look for them when you visit.

Photograph of saguaro with fan shaped top

This is a cristate saguaro. The fan shape at the top does not affect its blossoms or fruits. You can see this cactus near the riparian habitat. (Some people think it looks like a camel's head!)

Photograph of saguaro with many twisted arms

This many armed twisted saguaro grows near West Bridge just south of Sabino Dam. If you take a field trip to the canyon, look for it there.

Photograph of saguaro with all arms growing out of top

The arms on this saguaro are all growing out of the top!

Photograph of saguaro with up and down arms

The arms on this tall saguaro grow up --- and down!

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