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To learn about the food relationships among plants and animals, look up these words in the glossary of this Web site: *producer,**consumer,* *predator,* and *prey*.

Make a list of *predators* and a list of *prey* *mammals*. This chart shows a comparison between the sense organs and the body movements of predator mammals and prey mammals. Do the mammals on your list fit these general descriptions for predator and prey mammal?

Mammals Predator Prey

forward facing eyes
binocular vision
narrow, focused view

side facing eyes
peripheral vision
wide field

Hearing ears forward ears swivel
Smell usually long nose with many small bones around olfactory (smelling) tissue usually long nose also - if short, good hearing and eyesight
Movement crouch and spring fast or devious
Teeth incisors and *carnassials* grinders - less specialized
Brain large - relatively intelligent smaller in size
Chart Developed by SCVN adapted by Judi Moreillon

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What about animals that are both predator and prey?


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