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Sabino Canyon Flood - Clean-Up

Photogrpah of "Clean Up Crew" buttonOn July 31 and August 7, 1999, The Friends of Sabino Canyon organized two Saturday morning clean-up crews. Volunteers removed debris from around picnic areas and trails. They piled up the debris to make it easier for Forest Service crews to remove it from the canyon.

The United States Forest Service repaired roads and picnic tables and removed silt from campground and picnic areas. Flood control is one example of how the Forest Service must find a way to balance people's recreational needs and the forces of nature.

Photograph of water flowing over West Bridge, below Sabino Dam

West Bridge
(just downstream from Sabino Dam)

Photograph of clean-up volunteers

Two weeks after the flood, water was flowing about 6 inches high over West Bridge. (The tall tree is the sycamore that is studied through the seasons on this Web site.)

Volunteers (above) are cleaning up the area west of the bridge. Most of the debris piles were removed by the Forest Service.

Photograph of students cleaning up debris

Abrahm, Jacob, Francis, and Adam, students from La Cima Middle School and Amphi High School, were among the volunteers who helped clean up below the East Bridge.

Photograph of debris pile

This is some of the debris that was piled up by volunteers. Flooding is a natural event that helps maintain the health of Sabino Creek. Some people think we shouldn't clean up after a flood. While respecting the forces of nature, others think that it is important to keep the Sabino Canyon Recreation Area accessible to people. What do you think?


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