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Sabino Canyon Flood - July 15, 1999

These photographs were taken along Sabino Creek on July 17, 1999. More photographs taken after the flood are found on the Creek Clean-Up Page.

Close up photograph of floodwater flowing over the bridge

This is the water flowing over the first bridge on the tram road. The photo on the right shows a pile of debris that includes tree branches, leaves, and roots wrapped around a tree just downstream from the first bridge. Some of the debris was moved by volunteers.

Photograph of eight foot debris pile of tree trunks and limbs


Photograph of debris in a tree

This is a close up photograph of the debris found in a tree beside the first bridge on the tram road up Sabino Canyon. You can see that the water must have reached quite high in order to leave this debris so far off the ground. Actually, it was about 7 feet from base of the tree to the debris!

Photograph of flood water pouring over the first bridge.


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