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to the tune of "Oh, My Darlin' Clementine"

lyrics by Judi Moreillon and Karen Fields
with instrumental inspiration by Karen Fields

In the canyon, in the desert
there are plants of many kinds.
Some have green leaves; some have green trunks;
some have sharp and pointy spines.

Oh, the plants grow where there's water
and there's sunshine so sublime.
In the desert, their adaptations
get them through dry or rainy times.

Near the creek bed, with deep tap roots,
broad-leaf sycamores can be found.
Even when Sabino Creek's dry,
they sip cool water from underground.

On the hillsides, grow saguaros
with their roots spread all around,
gulping rainwater when the monsoons
flood the hard and rocky ground.


With their green leaves sycamores make food
in the spring and summer time.
In the autumn, they all turn golden,
their branches bare in wintertime.

With their green trunks saguaros make food
from the desert sun all year.
Their pointy sharp spines casting shadows
cool them under skies so clear.


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Sing along with the Fields Family Singers: Stephanie, Tianna, and Celeste. Mom Karen provides the accompaniment.


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