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Can you imagine what Sabino Canyon would be like today if people were still allowed to drive cars on the roads in the canyon?
This is a photograph of the "Welcome to Sabino Canyon" rock at mile 0.

You can find this rock at the foot of the road that winds up Sabino Canyon. The road is used by the trams, hikers, and bicyclists. The Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists have marked three rocks, one at each mile, as you walk, ride, or run up the road.

According to The Arizona Daily Star newspaper, 1.2 million people visit Sabino Canyon each year (September 23, 2000, page B5). It is one of the most heavily used recreation areas in the national forest system.

What if people could still drive their cars to the end of the road in Sabino Canyon?

When you are thinking about your response, consider the effects of cars on:

  1. the animals
  2. the plants
  3. the air
  4. the land.
How do we find a balance between the needs of people and the needs of the natural environment? What can you do to help protect nature?

This is a photograph looking north up the canyon.


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